How to Stop Yoga Mat From Sliding On Floor

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How to Stop Yoga Mat From Sliding On Floor? The yoga mat floor offers lots of convenience to people. Yoga offers lots of health benefits, which is why you should do yoga on a daily basis. But does your yoga mat keep sliding every day?

Your yoga mat should be in its place so that you can do exercise daily. In this article, we are going to let you know about how to stop yoga mats from sliding on the floor surface.

How to Stop Yoga Mat From Sliding On Floor

How to Stop Yoga Mat From Sliding On Floor

Read the tips below and enjoy your yoga on a daily basis:

Why Do You Need to Stop The Yoga Mat From Sliding On The Floor?

Working out on a mat on the floor that didn’t remain in place is not only inconvenient and exhausting, and it’s also hazardous.

One slide may send you tumbling to the ground in the middle of a workout position, which is extremely dangerous.

Pausing to adjust your exercise mat might disrupt the grooves. You are also more likely to get hurt if you’re using a sliding mat.

5 tips How to Stop Yoga Mat From Sliding On Floor

The following methods will help you in stopping the yoga mat from sliding on the floor:

A) Try Breaking It In

You should break in your mat on the floor before using it, and it should take approximately a week of widespread usage to properly break it in.

Some carpets may keep their slickness even after breaking them in, necessitating the employment of alternative approaches. It is advised that you use your workout mat on a regular basis for a period of one week to break it all in.

B) Purchase A Double-sided Mats

If you didn’t have much luck breaking in the yoga mat, you’ll have to look for alternative choices. Most of the time, the mat is just unrepairable, and you will need to replace it.

It is advisable to get a double-sided mat when purchasing a new one because they provide superior traction.

C) Washing Your Mat

If there is sand on your mat, it will cause your yoga mat to slide around. Any bits of sand or dirt can make the yoga mat slippery. We recommend you wash your yoga mat in this scenario.

D) Use Microfiber Towels

If your usual yoga towel isn’t giving you enough grip, use a microfiber cloth to increase the ante. They’re a little narrower than typical yoga towels, which aids with traction.

E) Try Removing The Chemical Layer

Using a towel or non-slip frameworks under your yoga mat are simply short-term solutions. You can attempt eliminating the exterior chemicals finish if you want a sincere long-term solution.

Most rubber mattings contain a chemicals coating to preserve them from bumps and scratches, but this chemicals layer is also what makes them slippery. So, remove the layer.


You should not keep doing yoga on a mat that slides. Try to stop the sliding by following any of the above tips. They will help in keeping the yoga mat in its place.



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