Exercise Running Mat


Exercise Running Mat


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0. Size:140/180/200 cm

1. High-quality: This yoga sliding mat is made of high-quality material, the product is smooth and durable, and has great impact resistance, toughness, and corrosion resistance.

2. Multifunctional: Not only can it be used in professional training for speed skating and ice hockey, but also it can enhance balance ability, burn excess fat, and enhance cardiopulmonary function.

3. Convenient: No need for lubricating oil to make the glide smoother, put on the shoe cover, and you can train to glide at home. The safety net glides on the mute PVC anti-skid mute net, simulates the skiing experience, and enjoys the fun of summer skiing.

4. Leg Exercise: Balance and strength training can effectively train people's stability and the ability to adjust the center of gravity, and exercise the balance and strength of the lower limbs.

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